stefffonie (stefffonie) wrote in stickfiguresinc,

TK, n00b.

A friend of mine asked me to make a stick figure drawing. He provided me with this and told me to be creative:

Nikhil: walk up to the interviewer and 360 tk him
Albert: oh yeah that'll help you get into harvard

With this came the birth of...

Image hosted by
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Most worthy of mention in this piece is Stephanie's use of color to convey motion. Indeed, it is this a major milestone in the artist's work for it's unparalelled realism. Consider not only the movement of the figure known as Nikhil, but also the angle at which the Harvard rep is drawn.

The piece makes some breakthroughs that have not been seen until the artist's "blue" period. This period is characterized by trademark blue backgrounds and the development of realism in human figure (see also "Box Named Steve", a reimagined piece inspired by Ashley's "Box Named Steve") in showing both movement, creative positioning, and abstractly realistic facial features.

I also like the pretentious monocle.
dude. humanities exam is over.